The Baker’s Table

holds quality ingredients to heart and incorporates them into the way we live.


Thoughtfully choosing fair-trade, local and organic ingredients when possible, Amy Dixon tends to each recipe with the passion of an artist, persistence of a chemist, and patience of a mother.

At home in the Santa Ynez Valley since 1998, Amy keeps answering her driving call to pursue excellence through baking. Through kneading bread or crafting desserts for local restaurants, she continues to find joy in a flaky, buttery apple galette or in the delightful textures of a French macaron.

While French recipes highlight the technical prowess of The Baker’s Table, it is the imaginative exploration of turning an everyday treat into an unforgettable delectable.

If a simple loaf of bread fresh from the oven is what makes your mouth water, or if you have a craving for croissants, cupcakes or creme brulee, join us at The Baker’s Table. Or, take The Baker’s Table home with you! Special orders are available by calling (805) 688-4856 or emailing amy@thebakers-table.com